Din-Rail Mounted Single Phase Kwh Meter

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Product description

Model: DDS1000; Size: 90 * 66 * 18 mm; Scope of application: voltage - 220 v / 230 v + / - 20%; Current - 10 (60) A; Frequency - 50 hz; 1、Accurate measuring each user power consumption, can through the LCD display the current power consumption information. 2、 Unified 35 mm guide rail style installation, simple installation, small volume, especially suitable for centralized installation space is limited; 3、 Measurable, and shows the current voltage, current, power, power factor, such as operating parameters, convenient user in real time to understand the status of the electricity. 4、With table by RS485 remote communications, which can be copied to read on the computer end of electricity meter, surplus electricity consumption, and so on and so forth; 5、Pre-paid series products include rail type three-phase watt-hour meter, etc.;

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