GCK type low voltage switchgear

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Product description

GCK (L) low-voltage extraction switchgear is composed of power distribution center (PC) cabinet and motor control center (MCC). It is suitable for power users such as power plants, substations, industrial and mining enterprises as AC 50Hz, maximum working voltage to 660V, maximum working current to 3150A distribution system, as power distribution, motor control and lighting distribution equipment power conversion. Distribution and control.

The basic rack of this series of products is a part of welded pipe assembling structure. The structural parts of the cabinet body are fastened and connected to each other by screw to form a basic rack cabinet, and then need to add doors, baffles, partitions, drawers, installation brackets, busbar and electrical components to assemble a complete switchgear cabinet.

A. The cabinet frame is welded by special-shaped steel with good strength and rigidity.

B. The rack and parts mounting holes are manufactured according to 20mm modulus.

C. Internal structural parts are galvanized, and external parts (racks and door locks) are phosphated and sprayed with electrostatic epoxy powder.

D. In the power center (PC) cabinet, the top part is the horizontal bus area, and the bottom part is the circuit breaker room. The circuit breaker can be equipped with the national ME series, CW1 series and so on. It can also be equipped with all kinds of circuit breakers produced abroad, such as those produced by ABB Company, according to customers'needs.

E series, M series circuit breakers produced by Schneider, and intelligent circuit breakers.

E. The structure of PC feeder cabinet is similar to that of feeder cabinet. When the feeder current is 630 A ~ 2000A, each cabinet can be equipped with two loops and installed up and down.

F. The cabinet and the drawer cabinet of the fixed schemes such as capacitance compensation and metering have the same appearance shape and the same horizontal bus position, thus ensuring that the drawer cabinet and the fixed cabinet can be used side by side.

G. Bus system: The bus of cabinet body adopts three-phase five-wire system, single bus when rated current of horizontal bus is 1250 A or less, double bus when rated current of water bus is above 1250 A, horizontal bus between cabinet and cabinet is constructed by connecting blocks, vertical bus is sealed by galvanized plate and transparent plexiglass plate, and internal baffle is used to limit arc diffusion. The neutral bus is set at the front of the cabinet top, and the protective bus (PE) is set at the bottom of the cabinet, which is connected with the partition board and door of the cabinet body, thus ensuring the continuity of grounding.

H. There are natural ventilation windows at the bottom and top of the switch cabinet without reducing the protection level of the shell.

I. The protection level of cabinet shell is IP4.

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