PSX Scrap Steel Shredder Line

FOB Reference Price
US $ 444000.00 | 1 ~ 4 Set
US $ 1.00 | >=5 Set
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Product description

The scrap steel shredder is designed to shred a wide variety of light and thin material as discarded automobiles, tin plate, household appliances, bicycles, empty cans, etc, making the materials into pure charge for steel making. By smashing and compressing, the shredder will remove the impurities, raise density, lower transporting and smelting cost to offer good furnace charge for steel plant. Scrap iron and steel raw materials shipped to feed incline through the scales conveyor,feed incline mounted on two rotatable grinding rollers, high and low , to flatten wins and into the crushing hamber. In the crushing cavity composed of ten fixed on the spindle between the disc and ten security branch of the disc is free to swing the hammer, generated by high speed rotation speedof scrap metals smashing, torn, brokenhandle make scrap metal processed into lumps or granules, through the lower part of the grid and the topof the drop in the vibrating conveyor.

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