Single-Phase Electronic Ic Card Prepayment Energy Meter

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Product description

Model: DDSY1000; Size: 156 * 110 * 58 mm; Scope of application: voltage - 220 v. Current - 5 (60) A; Frequency - 50 hz; 1、 Accurate measuring each user of electricity, precision grade 1.0 on the Richter scale; 2、The prepaid electricity to electricity, through IC card pays the electricity charge directly to the electric meter, using how much instant deduct how much. Cost quickly used up, the electric meter signal alarm remind top-up. 3、When the user power exceeds the allowable values of the electric meter setting, total power meter automatically switch power, to ensure the safety of power; 4、With table by RS485 remote communications, which can be copied to read on the computer end, query of electricity meter, surplus electricity consumption, and so on and so forth; 5、Pre-paid series products include infrared prepaid single-phase infrared prepaid watt-hour meter, three-phase watt-hour meter, etc.;

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